Ukraine will not open polling stations on Transdniestrian territory, Transdniestrian Foreign Minister Valery Litskaj told Thursday at the briefing.

Visiting Kyiv, Valery Litskaj discussed this item with Ukrainian colleagues. “I was given flat refusal based upon official Moldova’s response to Ukraine’s official inquiry relating to the organization of polling stations in Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic,” said Litskaj.

The proposal to open several polling stations along Dnestr on Moldovan territory was rejected as well. According to Minister Litskaj, Ukrainian authorities basing the refusal referred to the complicated documentary procedure in case Moldova would permit it. “It is not Ukraine to teach us democracy as it may slam its own citizens for political affairs,” stressed Transdniestrian Foreign Minister.

According to the Union of Ukrainians, there are 67,000 citizens of Ukraine living in Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic. In 2004 four polling stations functioned in Transdniestrian region. 90% people voted for Victor Yanukovich.


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