The European Commission plans to get the first Caspian oil via Odesa-Brody-Plotsk in 2009, Fauzi Bensarsa the representative the European Commission Transport and Energy Directorate told in Warsaw.

According to experts’ calculations, the oil pipeline construction will take 18 months.

“The project is very profitable,” stressed Mr. Bensarsa. In-depth researches prove the increase number of Caspian oil consumers in Europe which in turns guarantees the profit outlook.

As a reminder, the EU is very concerned now about the diversification of fuel and energy resources. It is a result of the recent gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

March 15, SWECO PIC, ILF GmbH and KANTOR presented the final version of the project technical and economic assessment. As reported before, the EU will finance the project.

Earlier, there were opinions about the Odesa-Brody oil pipeline voiced by experts:

Albrecht von Blumenkron, Manager of the "PriceWaterhouseCoopers" company. "The project was developed for transportation of Caspian oil to Europe. Even from geographical point of view the reverse does not cover expenses. The Odessa-Brody pipeline is crucially necessary for Europe. It could fill the gap occurred due to decrease of oil supply from North Sea. Only definite political ring negotiate the possibility of reverse. Industrialists understand the advantage of the Odessa-Brody direction. The Caspian oil, which is by its composition is similar to one form North Sea common for Europeans will gain much compared with heavy oil from Russia".

Fauzi Bensarsa - representative of the Directorate of the European Commission on the issues of transport and energy. I want to be frank with you. We at the European Commission do not play political games with oil pipelines and tanker transportation of oil by sea, as we deal very seriously with the issue of safety of energy supply. We have acknowledged the Odessa-Brody-Plock oil pipeline very important for the safety of energy supply through all Europe.


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