Defense Ministry: Ukraine’s enemies spread “regular ravings”

Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko refutes rumours about Ukraine’s intention to reconstitute own nuclear-missile potential.

“It is a fruit of somebody’s morbid imagination. Ukraine’s officials – the President, the PM, the Defense Minister, HQ Chief – never told about reconstruction of nuclear-missile potential. Formation of a new kind of armed forces (nuclear-missile forces) is out of the question,” declared Hrytsenko in an interview to newspaper “Vremya novostey.”

As for the missile forces, they form a part of Land Forces and Naval Forces as it is, the Minister explained. “They are equipped with tactical missiles of Soviet manifacture, which became obsolete and needs replacement. During the last meeting of National Security and Defense Council it was decided to work out programs on creation of domestic tactical missiles,” reported the head of Defense Ministry.

At the same time he assured that “Ukraine will strictly follow the international agreements and control procedure concerning missiles and rocket technologies, and also their non-proliferation.”

Hrytsenko refuted the report about possible rent of Ukrainian missile attack warning stations in Sevastopol and Mukachevo, currently used by Russia, to Americans.

“This is a regular raving, spread by Ukraine’s enemies. Neither Americans, nor representatives of other countries have ever addressed Ukraine with the request to provide access to these objects,” declared Hrytsenko.

“Ukraine strictly follows the bilateral agreement with Russia. We guarantee the use of the stations in the Russian interests,” pointed out the Minister.


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