The Ukrainian power intends to demand of Russia to refute the distributed information on “RTR” TV Channel concerning existence of CIA prisons on the territory of Ukraine, as reported Anatoly Hrytsenko, Defense Minister of Ukraine.

According to him, “this informational provocation or special operation, executed by means of “Rossia” TV Channel, harmed Ukraine and its Armed Forces.

“To put an end to any rumours and to proof it is outrageous lie, Defense Ministry on the instructions of the President invites all journalists to the object “Makarov-1”. They will shoot whatever they want, will open all doors, will make sure there are no prisons there. We also invite military attaché of the Russian Federation. I reported today to the Russian Defense Minister,” declared Hrytsenko.

According to the Ukraine’s Minister, military department of Ukraine is also ready to show the objects, where nuclear weapon was kept till 1996.


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