Victor Yushchenko took part in a ceremony to present awards to our country's best taxpayers, President's press office reports.

This contest, The Best District Enterprise, was started by Ukraine's Finance Ministry and is held quarterly. Today, directors of ten companies were given certificates and symbolic silver coins resembling those minted under Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Addressing the audience, the Head of State said Ukraine was going to legalize business and stimulate taxpayers by creating motivations. Mr. Yushchenko remarked that paying taxes was not only a legal obligation but a demonstration of morality.

“I am grateful to you for displaying such morality,” he said.

Thenthe Head of State said relations between government and business had become more pragmatic and transparent in the past year.

“This is our obligation to help business 'breathe' and never feel intimidated. You are a focal point of Ukraine’s prosperity. What benefits businessmen benefits Ukraine,” he continued.

The President said it was important to optimize the fiscal system and deregulate entrepreneurial activities by repealing legal acts that impede business.

Finance Minister Victor Pynzenyk said an enterprise should have no tax and salary debts in order to be rewarded. The Minister added that among the winners there were companies that had increased their tax payments by seven times.


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