Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuanian MEP and former president of that county tells about possible use of administrative resource by “the old forces” during the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and warns of Russian influence.

“Old forces aloud dominate over thoughts, aims and political culture. Forces of the past, with their methods and habits, certainly will use administrative resource. Whether the orange will do this – I am not sure. But as for the opposition, if it has instruments – I am sure,” said Landsbergis in an interview to Ukrainian journalists, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The MEP expressed assurance that Russian factor would be present on the Ukrainian elections, though less than on the last presidential ones. “Even if Russia learned a lesson (from the presidential elections 2004 – ed.), it means that the work was too rude, but not that they shouldn’t do this at all,” said he.

Besides, Landsbergis considers that possible cooperation between President Yushchenko and Party of Regions depends on political culture. “We had such cases when a President had one program of the country’s development, but a government had another one. Though it was not easy, there were no revolutions or civil wars. But I don’t know whether there is enough political culture in Ukraine,” underlined the politician.

At the same time the MEP expressed assurance that a return to the past is impossible in Ukraine. “There are a lot of changes. Even if Putin’s majority comes to power, it will be impossible to throw Ukraine back. Ukraine is basically different,” mentioned Landsbergis.

Landsbergis considers that in case of failure of the pro-presidential forces it is necessary to form a coalition with obligatory participation of the orange forces. “If oranges participate in any big coalition, it will remain a visiting card of Ukraine for the next years for Europe. Thanks to this it will be possible to save the face of Ukraine, as a nation which has some aspiration,” said the deputy.


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