At a press conference, Victor Yushchenko said this year’s election campaign was well-organized, President's press office reports.

“I am optimistic about the way the campaign is prepared and conducted,” he remarked. “This is our first democratic election, and I am proud of it.”

The President said Mass Medias covered all events impartially and society was gradually getting used to seeing fair competition of ideas and programs.

“The right of choice is fundamental and neither church nor political forcesand businessmen can show citizens what political preferences they should have,” he opined.

The Head of State then said he personally controlled this year’s funding.

“The government has been fully funding the campaign,” he said but admitted that some territories were insufficiently funded.

The President also said lists of voters were being more meticulously prepared but urged Ukrainians to personally check their names.

“This would be the best thing to do in order to prevent mistakes in the lists,” he said.

The President criticized the idea to pass legal changes allowing local election commissions to make corrections on March 26.

“When we can publish new lists on the Election Day to execute court decisions, this approach is wrong,” he said, adding that some campaigners can use this to cancel results of the vote at some polls.

However, the President said he is not idealizing the whole process and considers recommendations made by NGOs and political parties.

“I am happy I have not received any negative information about serious violations from NGOs and parties taking part in the campaign,” Yushchenko said.


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