Ukrainian police’s deeds resemble North Korea more than Europe, Borys Kolesnikov the Chairman of Donetsk Regional Council commented in the interview to ForUm. “We heard a lot of Ukraine’s European course. The North Korea is the very place where Ukrainian police is going to,” said Kolesnikov. In his opinion, “the vast number of faked criminal cases instituted by Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko may be excused only by his own uselessness.”

“We have an idea to shoot comedy film ‘Orange Swan.’ The casting is underway right now,” said Kolesnikov.

Speaking on the screenplay, Kolesnikov revealed that the film is about the criminal case brought against him.

He complained about some troubles in finding a person for the main hero – Yuri Lutsenko. The one who could play magnificently was the late Saveliy Kramarov, Kolesnikov supposed. Russian show-man Yuri Galtsev was proposed to play Lutsenko. The negotiations are underway.

"it is not my idea," he concluded.


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