At a joint press conference with Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, Victor Yushchenko said Ukraine’s actions on the Ukrainian-Moldovan border were consistent with international rules and the plan to settle the Transdniester conflict, President's press ofice informs.

The Head of State added that Ukraine would soon conduct talks with the Transdniestrian Republic to discuss some issues requiring additional consultations.

He reminded those present that the settlement plan was approved by the Moldovan parliament and Transdniester and assured all that Ukraine was building its trade and economic relations with Moldova considering its territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty.

“It means our economic ties and customs procedures should be based on international rules,” the President remarked and said that, according to these rules, “one has to obey registration procedures of a visited country when crossing a border.”

Yushchenko said those procedures had been imposed to ensure that the Ukrainian border is crossed transparently. They do not affect financial and budget relations in Transdniester and are consistent with all international requirements, he said. The President reiterated that the border was monitored by EU representatives and “we have not heard any complaints or critical remarks about the violation of international norms and procedures so far.”

The Head of State called on the Transdniester government to comply with all requirements in order to settle the lasting conflict. He also said he had recently talked this matter over with Transdniester's leader Igor Smirnov.


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