Transdniestrian Republic addressed Russia for financial aid, Transdniestrian Economy Minister Yelena Chernenko told.

“If Ukraine continues blockade, Russia will be able to provide us with the financial assistance. The possibility to assume such measure was discussed in the course of the visit of Russian interdepartmental delegation in Tiraspol,” said the Minister.

For now Transdniestrian damages have made $10 million for four days of the blockade.

“Yesterday, at the meeting of the Anti-Blockade Committee we made the preliminary calculations of possible damages caused by the blockade. The total sum needed for the recovery is equal to $50 million,” stated Chernenko.

She stressed these data were represented by the Russian delegation. Russian envoys pledged to consider the situation and to pass a decision on possible financial aid forTransdniestrian Republic.

“We have nothing to relay on. Ukraine has discredited itself as the country-guarantor so we consider the possibility to make an agreement on the external economic activity straight with Russia,” concluded Chernenko.


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