Addressing students of the Shevchenko National University, Victor Yushchenko said Ukraine’s government spared no effort to make the March 26 vote fair and transparent but urged all to be responsible for their choice, President's press office reported.

The Head of State is convinced that the upcoming election will be “genuinely honest” but he wants allcitizens of the country to understand that Ukraine’s future depends ontheir vote.

“Let’s learn to be responsible for the people we elect,” he said, calling on those present to vote for political parties and blocs they trust.

The President said he was frustrated to see the people engagedin murky political activitiesa few years ago become political leaders and urge the nation to return to the past.

“We are not speaking about colors but about the way of life we either want to have back or not,” he opined.

Yushchenkosaid boastful statements of these politicians pledging to carry out new and beneficial policies were populist.

“Nobody will give Ukraine presents. We must do everything with our own hands,” he said.


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