Ukraine’s goal is Euro-Atlantic integration, and at the same time Ukraine speaks in support of development of good-neighbour relations with Russia, as declared first deputy Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko during a roundtable on influence of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections’ results on Ukrainian-Russian relations. The roundtable is organized by Ukrainian institute of CIS countries and is being held in Kyiv Thursday.

“We come out in favour of good relations with Russia, but our goal is the European Union and NATO,” said Ohryzko speaking before participants of the roundtable.

The Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out the necessity to destroy a number of myths of Ukrainian-Russian relations. In particular, Ohryzko named the myth of “special relations between post-Soviet republics” and myth of “existence of common political, economic and humanitarian post-Soviet space.”

Ohryzko called the Russian party to respect Ukraine’s choice and abandon thrusting Russia’s opinion on Ukraine. “We’ve had enough of this. Such policy has just ended up and you have to submit to this,” he stressed.


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