In Mariinsky Palace, President Victor Yushchenko, Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, Secretariat Chief of Staff Oleh Rybachuk and Culture Council Member Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky took part in a ceremony to decorate Ukraine's eminent women. They were rewarded for an outstanding contribution to cultural and social development, self-denying work and motherly loyalty.

Addressing those present, the Chief of State said women played an important role in all aspects of our country’s life and cited a few famous names.

“Ukraine is proud of its women,” he said, President's press office reported.

The President congratulated all ladies on International Women’s Day and wished them happiness and welfare.

Following the ceremony, a new variety of tulip, Victor Yushchenko, was presented by Dutch breeders. This flower with orange petals began to bloom six weeks ago. Its official certificate says, “This variety of tulip is orange and reminds us of the Orange Revolution.” Among other personalities honored to have a personal flower are: George Bush, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Diana Ross, Queen Elisabeth II and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Frank Timmerman, Director of the Innovatory Tulips Company, said this flower was a token of respect for the president and his nation and was meant to inspire Ukrainians on their way to democracy.

The Head of State appreciated this gesture: “This is not only the manmade creation but also the means to support Ukraine.”

Kateryna and Vitalina Yushchenko attended the ceremony.


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