It is not a good round figure, but nevertheless rather considerable for domestic Internet.

During these five years ForUm was changing constantly – design, staff, conception and editorial policy. But we always tried to keep you, our dear readers, well informed, to offer you the most live comments, analytics and photoreports.

We are the first, who “put on-line conferences on flow” in order to enable you, our readers, to personally communicate with prominent politicians, officials, artists.

Hundreds of guests have visited ForUm for five years. We welcomed Borys Tarasyuk amd Irina Gerashchenko, Raisa Bogatiryova and Yuri Pavlenko, Ani Lorak and Oleksandr Ponomaryov, Mikola Tomenko and Serhiy Terekhin, Natalia Mohylevska and Kateryna Serebryanska, Roman Zvarych and Leonid Kravchuk, Petro Symonenko and Natalia Vitrenko, Robert Brinkley and Alex Goldfarb, and many others.

For these years attendance have increased considerably. Last year it reached one million of unique visitors per month.
We thank everybody, who visited us, worked and keep working with us during these five years, who helped and continue helping in difficult moments, who are happy with us at our victories. We thank you, dear readers, for your staying with us!
ForUm's staff

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