It should not be ruled out that Ukraine’s new customs rules may cause political confrontation, Transdniestr Foreign Minister Valery Litskaj told to 5th Channel.

Litskaj assured that Transdniestrian Republic will abstain from mass actions which may influence the situation. Over 300 vehicles blockade 90% of communications on the Ukrainian-Transdniestrian frontier, he added. “The number is increasing from hour to hour and there will be total blockade of all kinds of communications within few days,” said Litskaj.

He on behalf of Transdniestrian Republic believes in coming conflict settlement by means of negotiations. “We always succeed to sign agreements. This time will not be exclusion,” stated Foreign minister Litskaj. He stressed that the meetings with Ukraine Foreign ministry representatives have been already held. “The problem is very difficult but it is possible to cope with it,” concluded Litskaj.


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