In an interview with the First National Television Channel, Victor Yushchenko said both central and local government was responsible for conducting fair and transparent elections, President's press office reported.

“We understand that we are responsible for conducting effective, clear and intelligible elections. This is not the sole responsibility of the Central Election Commission but also the responsibility of government, and I recently discussed this point with all governors,” Yushchenko said and added that he might even dismiss some officials if they fail to make the March 26 vote transparent and democratic.

“If some polls had no boxes, not Yaroslav Davydovych, head of the Central Election Commission, but local officials would have been punished as they failed to prepare the facilities and ensure that their communities vote properly will,” he remarked.

Yushchenko said one of the biggest challenges was to convene local commissions. The President opined that local government is responsible for that, despite having no direct relationship to the process. He added that Rivne and Ternopil were the two most problematic regions.


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