“Actions of the Ukrainian authorities are economic death spread over time,” stated, on March 5, Head of Transdneistr Republic Igor Smirnov at a session of the Presidential Interdepartmental Council, evaluating Ukraine’s blockade measures and their consequences for TMR, REGNUM informed referring to the presidential press office. According to the Transdneistr president, he stated it on March 5, making his phone call to Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Anatoly Kinakh.

“Actions of Ukraine mean refusal of role of mediator and guarantor. I believe, Kiev made it, pressed by the West,” stressed Smirnov. According to him, Ukrainian authorities realizes Moldavian scenario. “Its aim is to achieve goal, not achieved by Kishinev through war in 1992. It is transfer of TMR economic basis under Moldavian jurisdiction, society’s division along business and power line, economic and social crisis in Republic, creation of directed chaos, power change and as result – liquidation of Transdnestr state,” said Smirnov.

At the Council session, complex of anti-crisis measures was discussed, aimed at not admitting of humanitarian catastrophe in country. “Our position means switching of economy and society to regime of mobilization, special economic state. Whatever actions would be done concerning our republic, TMR have to get out of the situation with minimum of losses. We have everything, we need for that,” said the head of state.

In addition to relying on own strength official Tiraspol hopes for understanding and assistance of Russian Federation. “We consider Russia as only one country-guarantor – both de-jure and de facto. And we relay on its support,” stated the TMR President.


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