Victor Yushchenko welcomed Ukrainian-American market access agreement, which should help Ukraine to join the WTO, President's press office reported.

“Today, Ukraine and the United States of America are signing an important agreement. This is our decisive victory […],” he said in an interview with the First National Television Channel on March 6.

The Head of State reiterated that Ukraine’s WTO accession would soon help the country to increase its turnover by 10% and GDP by 1.5-1.9%.

“These consequences are fast,” he said, adding that Ukraine would benefit from its accession in the fourth quarter of this year if it joined the organization in the second quarter.

The President also said Ukraine’s WTO accession would protect the country against “billion-dollar” anti-dumping actions.

He reiterated that economists had never doubted that Ukraine would join the WTO but negotiated the terms of its accession.

“Today, we are finishing our long talks with forty-five countries, which resulted in bilateral agreements. We sealed the fate of each product,” he said.


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