In April, the President is going to convene a special meeting of governors to consider their annual performance and might even dismiss some executives whose achievements are unsatisfactory, the President press office reported.

“The governors that are respected and supported by their local community and capable of working professionally and explaining our logic to the people will stay,” Victor Yushchenko said in his weekly radio address.

The Head of State added that this year’s large-scale national reforms should be appreciated and introduced throughout Ukraine.

“So I asked the governors to formulate a program of all changes they are going to introduce in each region. Within a month, these programs will be worked out and submitted to the prime minister,” he said.

Yushchenko described health reform as the greatest priority for his team, and said Ukraine’s Health Ministry would soon launch a large-scale program, Rural Health Day, which is intent to prevent disease in villages. He reiterated that in 2006 the government would spend about UAH 17 bln to create modern medical facilities for rural residents.

The Chief of State opined that the pragmatic government of Yuriy Yekhanurov had managed to stop negative economic tendencies. He cited convincing statistical data. Last year, the foreign investment rate reached USD 7.8 bln, which shows that “foreign and local investors believe Ukraine’s economy is stable and positive changes irreversible,” he claimed.

“Ukraine has the money to boost its production and thereby create new jobs,” Yushchenko said.

The government also revised regulatory policy and repealed about four thousand regulatory acts impeding businesses. More than one million jobs were created in 2005. The government reduced the length of military service and joined the Bologna Process.

“These facts are only a tiny share of my team’s routine daily work,” he said.


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