According to the information got by "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" weekly journal, wholesale companies report about significant potato volumes supplied to Ukraine from Belarus and Russia. "There were many cases of small sets supply earlier; now it goes about large potato volumes coming to Ukraine" Tatyana Getman says, the Executive Editor of the journal.

Wholesale companies from Ukrainian West offer potato of Belarusian origin; local producers either have already sold potato stocks or have not been able to store it properly. The sales of Byelorussian potato look extremely strange in Volyn oblast where potato overproduction is traditionally observed, Fresh Plaza reported.

According to the information found by the journal, many trucks loaded with potato cross Ukrainian-Belarusian border and drive to the southern regions of Ukraine. Potato wholesale price is $ 0.23-0.3/kg in Belarus. In their turn, potato prices in Lugansk and Kharkiv oblasts are restrained by potato import from Russia. As the market players report, imported volumes are significant.


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