President Victor Yushchenko signed fourteen laws, the President press office reported:

Law 3336-IV on Changes to Article 294 of the Ukrainian Code on Administrative Violations;

Law 3396-IV on Changes to Article 9 of the Law on Economic Licensing;

Law 3398-IV on Changes to the Law on the List of Enterprises That Cannot Be Privatized;

Law 3410-IV on Changes to Article 14 of the Law on Burial Services;

Law 3413-IV on the Repeal of Reservations about the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims of 12 August 1949;

Law 3415-IV on Changes to the Land Code of Ukraine;

Law 3421-IV on Changes to Some Laws Regarding the Law on State Target Programs;

Law 3422-IV on Changes to Some Laws of Ukraine;

Law 3423-IV on Changes to the Criminal Code of Ukraine on Copyright Protection;

Law 3424-IV on Changes to Article 4 of the Law on Income Tax for Physical Persons;

Law 3425-IV on Changes to Some Lawson Tobacco Production and Distribution;

Law 3428-IV on Changes to Some Lawson the Special State Transportation Service;

Law 3435-IV on the Ratification of Protocols 12 and 14 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

Law 3436-IV on Changes to Some Lawsof Ukraine.


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