“Ukraine’s General Office of Public Prosecutor does not have any complaint against Naftogaz Ukrainy,” stated Oleksiy Ivchenko today at the press conference.

He specified that his official letter has been sent today to the General Office of Public Prosecutor. He requests to confirm or deny the fact about criminal case instituted against Naftogaz Ukrainy by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

He added although the General Prosecutor’s Office has not yet responded but the preliminary answer states that there are no claims toward Naftogaz activity.

According to the report, “Naftogaz press office has got the official information from the General Prosecutor’s Office concerning the absence of any criminal cases instituted against the company. So, Kommersant-Ukraina daily has published false information.”

Naftogaz spokesperson said that such publications may be regarded as the intention to discredit the company and to cause moral damage to its officials. The mass media were urged to be very watchful and examine thoroughly the information posted by the daily because of its rude mistakes and inaccuracies concerning Naftogaz.

Today issue of the weekly informs the General Prosecutor’s Office has instituted a criminal case against Naftogaz Ukrainy in accordance with the article 364, chapter 2 if the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abuse of power led to the grave consequences).


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