Sotsinform (Social Information) agency published the results of the recent poll held on February 8-17, the possible error is +/- 2.4%. According to it, five political parties and blocs may scrape through the 3%-barrier to the parliament, the press release told.

The majority of the respondents (72%) are interested in the election rush as far as possible. It is quite high index. Over 90% of respondents state their willingness to vote in the election.

There are no vital changes in the rate of the parties and blocs running for the election. But there are some tendencies worth to be mentioned. The Party of Regions’ rate is insignificantly lowered. NSNU and BYuT, vice versa, have their rates increased. PORA-PRP headed by Klichko gradually strengthens its positions. Judging by its progress, it is possible to see it in the parliament. Lytvyn’s Bloc also demonstrated progress.

If the election was held now, the following parties and blocs would be in the parliament: the Party of Regions – 26.82%, NSNU – 19.35%, BYuT – 16.67%, People’s Bloc of Lytvyn – 7.72%, the Socialist Party of Ukraine – 7.09%, the Communist Party – 4.79% and PORA-PRP – 3.83%.

The geography of the sympathies has not been changed much: the PR is popular in the East and South of Ukraine, NSNU and BYuT – the West and the Central part of the country.

There is decrease of the confidence in Volodymyr Lytvyn, Victor Medvedchuk and Yuri Yekhanurov and increase in confidence in Oleksandr Moroz, Yuri Kostenko and Yulia Timoshenko. Victor Yanukovich and Victor Yushchenko remain their position in the hearts of Ukrainians.


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