First deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Leonid Polyakov is convinced that in case Ukraine joins NATO “our defense industrial complex will improve its things.”

In an interview to newspaper “Narodna army” he stated that by the example of “Sea start” project “we made sure that our machine-building complex is quite competitive and is in great demand on the world high-tech market. Our military transport aviation is not afraid of rivals. Our shipbuilding stands at high level, as well as radar production.”

Analyzing perspectives of national defense industrial complex in case of joining NATO, Polyakov noted if NATO trusts Ukraine, the country will get certain advantages. “It will extend out chances in cooperation with Europe and Northern America,” he said.

He also noted that present financial system of the state is unable to allocate necessary means for development of defense industrial complex.

“Joining NATO is also integration into powerful financial systems of those states. Solid Western banks will open doors to our enterprises,” pointed out Polyakov.


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