Crimean population must comprehend the real price for the Russian fleet stay is $2-3 milliard instead of $95 million, Anatoly Matveyenko the deputy Chairman of the President Secretariat told.

In his opinion, Crimean Autonomous Republic needs large investments for improvement of economical situation and for Crimean people to treat positively the coming withdrawal of RF BSF in 2017.

Matveyenko urges not to write off the consequences when the authorities consider the price for the lease.

“Some man caused ecological problems exists in Crimea now,” said he.

“In order to break the stereotype that BSF ‘feeds’ Sevastopol and almost a half of Crimea,” it is necessary to inform population about other variants.

He stressed that the proper positioning of the situation may reduce the pressure in Crimea. According to his words, Crimean dwellers will see that the troops damage the semi-island and the BSF is not the only structure which provides them with the working places.

He also mentioned that the corresponding organs are working on the problem and it is possible to attract the serious investment into the region.


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