Ukraine itself has been provoking intellectual piracy, selling up to 30 million pirated copies of DVD, CD, MP3 recordings.
The market demand for DVD, CD, MP3 recordings are twice more than the Ukrainian companies produce. The deficiency is successfully made up for by pirates, thus, Ukraine itself provokes intellectual piracy, national First TV-channel reports. As REGNUM reports, only 3% of the pirated production is being seized.
As experts say, demonstrative demolition of the pirated production has no effect. Material losses of pirates are not too high either. State officials cannot hinder the illegal business by economic sanctions. Viktor Klyuk, deputy head of the Department for Control over Intellectual Property Objects Use says: “Ukraine still suffers from the Russian smuggling – pirated goods. Russian factories functioning on legal basis do produce it too. We cannot present claims to them as pirates can by the discs in a neighboring country and then smuggle and sell them here, exactly what they really do.”

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