Victor Yushchenko is convinced a pre-election parliamentary coalition cannot be formed unilaterally and thinks opinions of all sides should be considered, presidential press office reported.

“Understanding cannot start unilaterally when positions of other members of a coalition are neglected. I believe this is not what we should begin with,” Yushchenko commented on Julia Tymoshenko's unilateral initiative to sign her own coalition agreement in today’s brief interview for reporters. “I am sure this document will have no future.”

Yushchenko, however, said, as President of Ukraine, he was “not a participant of any agreements regarding the March 26 vote.”

Addressing Ukrainian journalists, the Head of State urged them to promote greater awareness of political blocs and their leaders among the people and avoid “speculations about electoral PR moves.” He thinks our citizens should know “which political forces bring understanding and consolidation and which bring adventurism.”

The President assured those present he had no doubts “that sooner or later parliament will consolidate.” He opined that a few political forces would later form a stable government.


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