Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun left Ukraine, having learned about imminent attempt at him, as reported newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraina” referring to a source from Piskun’s circle.

According to the source, possible threats are connected with protracted court hearing on Piskun reinstatement in office of Prosecutor General. In their turn, Security Service of Ukraine, General Office of Public Prosecutor and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine informed the edition that they do not have Piskun’s official statement about threats of his life.

Former Prosecutor General left the country in several days after might-have-been court hearing, which had been expected to consider the appeal of Justice Minister Serhiy Holovaty against the judgment of the court about Piskun’s reinstatement in office.

According to Komersant’s source, a possible cause of a possible attempt might become Piskun’s possession of information. “Except for their incapability to appeal his reinstatement in office, Piskun possesses information. Piskun’s talks were bugging and he was often followed by cars with changing license plates,” said the source.

Svyatoslav Piskun ran away from Ukraine with his wife and son. His present whereabouts is not known, however, according to Komersant’s information, Piskun is not in Russia, but probably in Czech Republic or in Poland.


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