The Foreign Ministry spokesman Vasyl Filipchuk stated that the incident with 11 Uzbek refugees had nothing in common with extradition. Ukraine has just refused them in the refuge status, he added in the press conference.

He claimed at the press conference that the problem settlement is out of the Foreign Ministry competence. “Ten Uzbek citizens came in Ukraine form the territory of Moldova and Russia. These two countries are acknowledged safe for refugees’ stay. The very persons had been in Ukraine since Ma-June but applied about the status to Crimean Migration Department only on February 6, 2006,” said Filipchuk.

According to his words, there is the international regulation on 90-day term of tourist stay in the territory of any country acting in Ukraine. “If a person stays for longer term he must have his visa for work issued or register in the corresponding agencies. If he is not registered after this term he automatically becomes an illegal migrant,” added Filipchuk. He added that Crimean corresponding services refused them to the status because of the lack of correspondence with the Law of Ukraine “On Refugees” and groundlessness. Uzbek citizens might appeal this decision. They gave written refusal to do it. It may be proved by the agencies, Filiphuk noted.


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