The Central Election Committee held a sortition of the candidates for the parliamentary election. According to the results of the sortition, the election list will look like that:

1. All-Ukrainian Party of People’s Trust.

2. Ukrainian Bloc Kostenko and Plushcha.

3. Ukrainian National Assembly.

4. Ecological Salvation EKO+25% Party.

5. Green Party Ukrainian Party.

6. NDP Bloc (National Democratic Party).

7. Ukrainian Political Party of Putin’s Policy.

8. The Communist Party of Ukraine.

9. Viche Party.

10. Our Ukraine Bloc.

11. Ukrainian Conservative Party.

12. Za Yednist! (Pro Unity!)National Rukh (Movement) of Ukraine.

13. Ukrainian Part of Honor, Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime.

14. Yuri Karamzin’s Bloc.

15. New Power All-Ukrainian Political Party.

16. Vidrodzhennya (Renaissance) Political Party.

17. Za Soyuz (Pro Union) Election Bloc.

18. The Party of Regions.

19. Agrarian Party of Ukraine.

20. PORA_PRP Civil Bloc.

21. Patriotic Forces of Ukraine Party.

22. Yevhen MArchuk – Yednist (the Unity) election Bloc.

23. Party of National-Economical Development of Ukraine.

24. Derzhava (the State) -Labour Union Election Bloc.

25. The Sun Non-Party Bloc.

26. Svoboda all-Ukrainian Union.

27. The Socialist Party of Ukraine.

28. Social-Christian Party.

29. The Liberal Party of Ukraine.

30. European Capital Political Party.

31. Party of the Social Protection.

32. People’s Opposition Natalya Vitrenko Bloc.

33. The Third Force Political Party.

34. The Green Party of Ukraine.

35. The Lazarenko Bloc.

36. Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko.

37. The Power of People Election Bloc.

38. Patriots of Ukraine Bloc.

39. National Bloc of Lytvyn.

40. Bloc of Borys Oliynyk and Mikhail Syrota.

41. “Vpered Ukraina!” (Go, Ukraine!) Party.

42. “Soyuz. Chernobyl. Ukraine” Ecological Party.

43. The Pensioners of Ukraine Party.

44. “Ne Tak!” Opposition Bloc.

45. Trudovaya Ukraina Political Party.


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