Commenting on PM Yekhanurov’s statement about the necessity to sign gas agreement by July 1, Vadym Karasyov the Director of the Global Strategy Institute stated it seems Ukraine is preparing to “war.”

“It is a kind of war when you think about energy, gas and oil instead of bread, salt and sugar,” said he.

Karasyov thinks that those who do not ready for the war try to delay it. “The Cabinet would not mind to delay the ratification of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on gas supply and transit gas until July 1 because the cold and unexpectedly severe winter will be over. Secondly, $95 price of January 4 will be valid until July 1,” stressed Karasyov pointing at Turkmenistan as a possible “enemy” or “ally.”

“One day Stalin had to keep serious war contingent on Dalniy Vostok (the Far East) and waited for Japan to enter the war. But when he had got aware that Japan would not enter the war, he relocated those troops to Soviet-Germany battle-front. Here we have the same situation with Turkmenistan. We are waiting for its reply on gas price,” explained Karasyov.

According to him, “gas war” between Ukraine and RF is the permanent background of Russian-Ukrainian relationship.


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