Ukraine and Russia worked out a plan of joint actions concerning settlement of meat and milk conflict, as reported Sergey Danlvert, head of Rosselhoznadzor (Russian farming inspection), summing up negotiations with Ukrainian delegation on February 15 in Moscow.

“Together with Ukrainian colleagues we have signed a protocol and agreed about audit of Ukrainian veterinary service by specialists of Rosselhoznadzor,” stated Dankvert. Russian specialists will depart for Ukraine next week.

According to Dankvert, Russian veterinaries are to audit a number of Ukrainian enterprises of meat and milk industry, which supply Russian market with their production. He explained that the conduct of audit meets the norms of International epizootic bureau. It is planned to visit and examine ports, which receive loads, refrigerators, which keep the loads, and also mechanisms of load control on the border.

The list of such enterprises will be represented by the Ukrainian party.

Dankvert also pointed out that temporal ban on import of Ukrainian cattle breeding production will not be lifted.

“I consider that today’s agreements are optimal variant for the Ukrainian party,” said Dankvert, having added that “it is early to speak about lifting the ban till the algorithm of joint actions is worked out.”


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