Victor Yushchenko congratulated the Ukrainian military on Internationalist Warriors Day, presidential press office informed.
“Today, we honor the courage of our fellow countrymen that served in ‘hot spots’ all over the globe.
Staking your life, you honestly fulfilled your oath of enlistment, preserved battle brotherhood and now share your knowledge and great experience with recruits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Our peacekeepers are appreciatedand respected by many peoples. Our country fulfills the difficult and very noble mission of keeping peace in the world,” he said.
The President remarked that the country and its citizens must support these warriors.
“As President, I will spare no effort to make the state care for you,” Yushchenko said.

In Dnipropetrovsk, Victor Yushchenko laid flowers on the monument of soldiers that perished in the Afghani war. A salute was fired. Then, after the national anthem was performed, he silently honored the warriors.

Before this ceremony, the President met with war veterans that fought in other countries. He assured them that government would spare no effort to support internationalists and their families.

On June 1, 2005, the Head of State signed an order to help people with particular needs, including those injured during military operations.

Today, Ukraine marks Internationalist Warriors Day. Seventeen years ago, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.


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