(WARSAW )- A joint project of a regional network of PR companies overseen by the Warsaw-based firm Partner of Promotion is to be launched in the near future. The working name of the group, which incorporates five companies from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine, is the Central Eastern European PR Network, Polish News Bulletin informed.

According to plans, the project will encompass ten countries. "Poland is perceived as a marketing centre providing services in the entire Central and Eastern Europe region for many companies originating from there," explains Partner of Promotion Managing Director Piotr Talarek.

The first stage of the project, which aims at establishing co-operation between Polish and Ukrainian companies, will take off in late February or early March. International business contacts could propel the development of Polish companies, given the small size of the domestic PR market.

Bumar has established a subsidiary, Bumars, in Kiev. The arms manufacturer intends to find new technology in the Ukraine.

Its new subsidiary will be used to buy arms production rights and hire Ukrainian companies for arms development research.

Establishment of links between Polish and Ukrainian companies


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