On the eve of parliamentary election Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko has conducted unexampled promotional action. BYuT has bought state-island Maldives on the web-site www.salecountries.com, which sells countries of the world to all interested persons, Glavred informed.

The purchase took place in Internet-world only and has nothing in common with real life. If you click on the red spot on the map, represented on the site, you will see information about the customer – Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and link to party official web-site. Site www.salecountries.com promises to keep this “calling card” till 2020 year.

The price of a country is connected with the real area of a country – every square kilometer costs $0.01. Countries measuring less than one 1000 square km, cost $10. Consequently, the purchase of Maldives measuring 300 square km costs Tymoshenko’s bloc only ten US dollars.


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