Evidence of President Victor Yushchenko on Gongadze case might have furthered the investigation of the murder, as declared Andriy Fedur, advocate of journalist’s mother Lesya Gongadze.

He explained that among the records of former State Guard Mykola Melnichenko there is one, which contains “a talk between two persons about Gongadze. In two minutes one of the interlocutors is speaking allegedly with Victor Yushchenko.” “If the President comes to court and confirms the existence of such talk, we will advance in the investigation. It will mean that the preceding talk was in real time,” said Fedur in an interview to “Segodnya” newspaper.

Explaining this episode in an interview to another newspaper “Facty” of February 14, Fedur specified that the matter concerns the talk between then President Leonid Kuchma and then Prime Minister Victor Yushchenko. The advocated stated that “they led a small talk, which did not contain any discreditable information.” “But this talk and the previous talk about Gongadze had been recorded on the same digital chip,” said Fedur to “Facty”.

He also gave his view to a journalist that if President Yushchenko came to court and gave evidence personally, there would be no problem with summons for other high officials. The advocated specified that the court had rejected this petition with, having formulated that “the time of summons for these witnesses has not come yet.”

Andriy Fedur insists on summons for Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, ex-President Leonid Kuchma, Supreme Court Chairman Vasyl Malyarenko, former head of Security Service of Ukraine Leonid Derkach, deputy Prosecutor General Victor Kudryavtsev and others.


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