The winner of Chernobyl Shelter construction tender is to be announced in London today. It will be a part of the meeting of Donors Countries Assembly. There are SHM2HILL US Company and NOVARKA French Consortium among the pretenders.

In May 2005, the countries-donors of ChNPP committed themselves to invest $200 million for construction of the new safety sarcophagus for the damaged fourth energy block of the plant.

The EBRD manages the Shelter International Chernobyl Fund consisting of 28 countries. The total sum collected money makes $1 billion. The Great 8, the EU and Ukraine are the members of the Shelter.

The construction of the new sarcophagus will be launched in 2007 and finished in 2008-2009.

“We welcome new investment. It proves the international community to intend finishing the sarcophagus construction in Chernobyl,” said the EBRD President Jean Lemierre.

He is confident that Ukraine would finish the project by the set terms. The EBRD believes Ukraine to take strict control under the project expenses, EBRD President Lemierre told.


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