Yesterday Victor Yushchenko met with Premier Yuri Yekhanurov, Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk, Secretariat Chief-of-Staff Oleh Rybachuk and other officials to discuss preparations that had been made to hold the first meeting of the Russian Navy Sub-Commission of the Yushchenko – Putin Commission scheduled for February 14.
The President said the Ukrainian side should have a clear-cut strategy at today's talks. It should be focused on the observance of all existing bilateral agreements and protection of national interests of Ukraine and Crimea, where the fleet is stationed, he remarked. Yushchenko also reiterated that it was vital to inventory and audit all facilities and lands rented by the Russian Navy in Crimea. He is convinced the rent should be relevant to international agreements and prices on the real estate market.

The Head of State opined that a constructive and transparent settlement of this issue would promote mutual trust between the countries and help develop Ukrainian-Russian relations.

“Ukraine has unique possibilities to build its relations with Russia on mutual respect, observance of the existing agreements, and commitment to national interests,” he said.


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