Coming out in Ivano-Frankivsk on Sunday, Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk stated, “Russia as Euro-Asian countrry tries to reinstate the status of the ex-Soviet state.”

According to him, “it explains differences between Russian and Ukrainian geopolicies.”

The Minister reported also about the coming launch of Ukraine-Russia intergovernmental commission created at the level of Yushchenko-Putin Commission. “It will be the first time for the past three years when the parties will discuss the land and water frontier delimitation. February 13-16, we are to discuss our mutual relations concerning Ukraine-Russia state frontier,” said Tarasyuk.

Tarasyuk informed the negotiations on extradition of illegal migrants, simplified procedure of border crossing by the borderline residents of Ukraine and Russia and the simplification of applying for citizenship.

According to his words, the gas, meat, lighthouse and so on settlements are underway. “One automatically makes a conclusion that the troubles arise simultaneously with the active stage of the election campaign in Ukraine. Russia initiates these problems and crisises. If these scripts are embodied in full, economical and social difficulties will happen,” said Tarasyuk.

He stated the new power “does everything it can in irder to prevent dramatic scripts.”


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