Prosecutor in the trial on Gongadze case Volodymyr Shylov declared that the accused were given a bill of indictment, prepared by investigative commission of General Prosecutor’s office. Two of the accused pled guilty in full, one pled guilty to the part of accusations.

According to the Prosecutor, an important stage of the trial has been passed. During this stage, the accused often declare that they not guilty, that they were slander and wrung a confession by means of tortures. But, according to Shylov, it did not happen in this case.

The Prosecutor did not specify who exactly pled guilty in full and who – partially, referring to the law, which forbids to name the accused before pronouncement of sentence. However, editorial staff of newspaper “Segodnya” considers the trial of great importance and states that Mykola Protasov and Valery Kostenko pled guilty in full, Oleksandr Popovich – partially. Popovich states he did not take a direct part in the murder, but was driving the car, in which Georgy Gongadze was brought to the place of murder.


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