MP Mikhailo Pozhivanov (Narodny Rukh faction) called President’s address “a substantial report, in which he gave real estimation of activity in 2005 and described further trends.”

At the same time he said to journalist he “wishes the address were more emotional.” Pozhivanov agrees with President’s thesis to adopt new Constitution of Ukraine. According to MP, Yushchenko’s position is logical in this question. Besides, Pozhivanov supports President in his idea to adopt a number of draft bills, in particular about Cabinet of Ministers.

In his turn, PM Yuri Solomatin, Communist faction member, considers President’s report “absolutely dull and listless, an address of a diffident person.”

“Look how he was speaking…A self-confident man, especially if he is a President, should speak in proper manner to influence the people… But it was a report of absolutely weak and dull person. It is a Brussels’s puppet!” said the deputy.


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