“Having received an agreement Yulia Tymoshenko proposed, we have made a comparative table with the variant of the Our Ukraine Bloc,” former Justice Minister and the deputy head of the election campaign of the Our Ukraine Bloc Roman Zvarych informed. “Comparison shows that the variant of the BYuT in fact is a copy of our agreement, but certain principal items are not included,” he pointed out, RAZOM site reported.

“They concern the participants of the coalition in particular. We insist that all orange political forces represented in the Parliament, Our Ukraine Bloc, BYuT, SPU, Kostenko-Plyushch Bloc, PRP-Pora, must be in our coalition. Yulia Tymoshenko wants to reduce it to the first three participants. Her motivation is that the last two political forces have a low rating,” Zvarych said.

“Moreover, we want President Viktor Yushchenko to lead the coalition and make the coalition “orange”, so that it will meet ideals and demands of the Maydan,” Roman Zvarych said.

“The main trend of the coalition’s activity before and after the elections is implementation of the presidential program. These key moments are absent in the draft agreement of Yulia Tymoshenko,” added former Justice Minister.


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