“Our country has launched rapidly overcoming the external isolation and opening the new opportunities in the international scene,” said President Yushchenko.

According to his words, Ukraine has consolidated as an equal object of the international relationships and its policy is weighted and predictable.

“We have launched building mutually beneficially and good-neighbour relations with the partners,” said the President.

Besides, he noted that the Orange Revolution made Ukraine “fashion state” and moved from the 122nd to the 107th place in the rate of non-corrupted countries. Ukraine has been expelled from the majority of “black lists” of the international organizations. Commenting on the plans for the future, President Yushchenko said Ukraine would have to make a big economic jump and to reach the level of some European countries in five-seven years.

“Stop abusing each other, there is much work for everybody,” the President urged the parliament.

The present power intends to propose a new variant of the social dialogue. “We have to look at the state in a new fashion,” stated the President of Ukraine.


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