In his address to the Verkhovna Rada, Victor Yushchenko said developing Ukraine’s knowledge-based economy was one of the strategic directions of our country, presidential press office reported.

“High-tech enterprises that produce new products and services determine the future of economy,” he opined.

Our integration into the world’s global economy makes us produce more innovative technologies and services, he remarked.

“We should become equal to all developed countries by using our scientific potential. To achieve this goal, we must better fund human resources, raise their qualification, and improve research,” he said.

Ukraine’s beneficial integration into modern political and economic alliances will be possible if the people are well-trained and improve their competitiveness. It means Ukraine should more actively participate in global high-tech projects, including the projects launched within the framework of the Lisbon Strategy.

Commenting on programs to develop high technologies, the President said he was convinced “the recipe of Ukraine’s technological breakthrough should be based on our rejection of the wrong belief about the decisive role of authorities in the development of innovations.”

He said the state must formulate clear and fair rules and then added that he expected parliamentarians to support him.

Speaking about global investment, for which Ukraine competes with its neighbors, the President urged all to create new competitive advantages. We should develop our infrastructure, train qualified staff and have efficient state management.

“Our argument about Ukraine’s favorable geographic location can no longer be convincing to investors. We must also forget the thesis about cheap human resources,” he said.

Yushchenko is convinced that high-tech projects launched by world’s leading companies can stimulate Ukraine to improve its technological level. He believes bureaucratic and customs procedures reduce our country’s chances to attract investment. The President said he would sign an order to support local businessmen’s initiative to create Ukraine’s Silicon Valley. They plan to establish international technological centers in five universities throughout Ukraine.

“We will combine scientific inventions and commercial opportunities in this way. We will be able to initially attract USD 100 million and create more than 1.5 thousand jobs within a few years,” he concluded.


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