Children from Alchevsk, brought to Evpatoria health center “Prometheus” for recovery, want to come back home, as it is colder there than in flats of the Alchevsk city.

Parents attack regional HQ on liquidation of breakdown consequences with requests to bring children back. Health centers of the Western Ukraine also appeared unready for children arrival.

“There is no anybody’s intentional fault in the current situation. Presently the issue is being settled,” deputy head of department of social and humanitarian policy in Alchevsk Ivan Derzhiy commented on the situation.

According to him, the children, got into uncomfortable conditions, will be brought to other health centers. Derzhiy assured that this problem will be considered by local authorities together with Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

As a reminder, in connection with the breakdown of heating system in Alchevsk seven and a half thousand children were brought to health centers all over Ukraine for recovery and study.


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