Ukraine will not prolong the agreement on the stay of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine’s territory, Andriy Veselovsky, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine told.

“We have got very good agreement on the stay of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. It was approved by all Russian politicians and presidents. There are no any juridical reasons for it to be prolonged in 2017. It goes without saying that there will be no Russian Armed Forces and no limitation boards ‘No entry for Ukrainians in the territory of Ukraine,” said Veselovsky.

The Deputy Minister also reminded about the launch of the program of the adaptation of the territory and the objects leased by Russia.

“The military bases will not be destroyed. But most likely they will be reconstructed for Crimean social needs,” said Veselovsky.

Grigory Karasin Russian Deputy Foreign Minister states on Tuesday Russia intends to deal constructively with the rest of unsettled questions concerning the Black Sea base in Ukraine.

“The base agreements of 1997 are unshakable: the Fleet stays in Crimea till 2017. We are willing to decide constructively all unsettled questions in order the man’s-of-war men and their families feel comfortably and the Russian Black sea fleet promotes stability and safety in the region and provides firm basis for Russian-Ukrainian ties,” stated Karasin.

February 14, the intergovernmental sub-commission on the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukaine will hold a session. It will be the first meeting for the last three years.


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