Arseny Yatsenyuk Minister of Economy of Ukraine calls investors not to wait for results of the parliamentary elections, but to invest in Ukrainian economy right now.

“Elections in Ukraine are perpetual, but money should be raised always. I’d advise you not to wait for elections’ results, but to turn attention to those assets, which are being sold at a relatively low price in this country,” pointed out the Minister during today's conference "Way to prosperity."

Yatsenyuk named the main priorities of economy development in 2006-2007. The first target is high-tech spheres, development of which is impossible without participation of large transnational corporations.

The second priority is evolution of industries. “We are to back positions of national investors in the industrial sector and to keep infrastructure, as its dependence on external factor is a great risk… Metallurgy and chemistry are main export products for the next five years. The task of the state is to guarantee stability of price for energy supply,” said Yatsenyuk.

The third part of priorities is development of the agricultural complex, as “having extremely low level of grants the production of Ukrainian agricultural complex is still competitive.” Besides, the Minister also considers the development of energy sector as a priority one. According to him, Ukraine has a unique possibility to produce electric power and to deliver it to Europe in future.

Extraction of minerals also demands attraction of foreign investments. “It is impossible to develop this sector without big foreign companies, which drill holes at a price,” said the Minister.

Yatsenyuk also mentioned the development of a financial sphere among the key tasks and named this sector “a ship, following which other investments come in the country.”


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