In his radio address to the nation, aired on February 4-5, Victor Yushchenko said Ukrainian villages needed a complex development and support program and added that the government had already adopted some measures in this field.

He believes one of the most important reforms is the improvement of fiscal policy, a statement released by Yushchenko’s press service said.

“We are preserving the favorable tax climate for agrarians,” he remarked. “I guarantee that we will not make the tax burden heavier untilour village recovers.”

The President said each person intending to work in the rural area “should know it is a special economic zone with Ukraine’s lowest taxes” and added: “In 2000, my government successfully worked in this tax environment.”

The Head of State also assured Ukrainian farmers that the state would protect them: “Each European country supports its farmers. This year, the government will spend UAH 2 bln to support the agricultural complex. These huge funds can make you feel changes.”

Yushchenko said this year the farmers would receive record UAH 8 bln, which is more than all budget funds spent on agriculture over the past three years. Heclaimed thatthe government was particularly focused on social and medical programs in villages throughout the country.

“We are launching a large-scale programfor family doctors. The government will give rural hospitals UAH 250 mln, which is thirty times more than in 2004,” he stressed.

The President also emphasized the necessity to improve living standards in the rural area: “Those who want to expand their farms will get aid this year. We will give UAH 55 mln to credit rural housing programs.”


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