UkrGazEnergo - Naftogaz-RosUkrEnergo joint company – will become a rival of Naftogaz in gas deliverance to Ukrainian industrial enterprises, Oleksiy Kostusev the Head Ukraine Anti-Monopoly told.

UkrGazEnergo and Naftogaz will share the Ukrainian market of gas supply for industrial enterprises. The new player is to limit Naftogaz monopoly within this segment of the market. The consumers and budget enterprises still belong to Naftogaz’s jurisdiction.

Kostusev mentioned that there must be state policy regulating the limits for UkrGazEnergo price policy.

“The definition of UkrGazEnergo strategy aims is not a function of Anti-Monopoly Company. We focus on the consequences for the competition sphere. UkrGazEnergo and Naftogaz will decide the proportion of the gas supply for the industrial enterprises,” noted Kostusev.

Concerning the subjects controlling UkrGazEnergo, AMC may not publish this information in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine” which regards it as commercial secret. “Submitting the documents, RosUkrEnergo and Naftogaz officially claimed it as the commercial secret. That is why the Committee may not reveal this information. The decision on publishing such data must be passed by the participants of the joint enterprises,” stressed the AMC Head.

Concluding the statement, Kostusev said that regarding the national status of this issue, the whole info about the details and circumstances of UkrGazEnergo formation must be publicly revealed.


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