After a ceremony to sign Ukrainian-Romanian agreements, Victor Yushchenko said he was satisfied with today’s talks with Romanian president Traian Basescu and described bilateral relations between the two countries as “dynamic,” President's press office reported 

“Obviously, our relations are positively developing,” he said, thanking his counterpart for openness and understanding. The President told reporters they had considered all important issues and reiterated that “our countries share the ambition to integrate into the European Union.”

The leaders discussed ways to delimitate the continental shelf in the Black Sea, “the problem that was inherited from the Soviet Union,” Yushchenko claimed. He is convinced that a recently established presidential commission is a "tool to consider this problem.” 

Yushchenko and Basescu also discussed means to open the Danube – Black Sea deepwater channel. Then they spoke about energy challenges and ways to protect minority rights in Ukraine and Romania.

“We believe there should be equal and symmetrical cooperation in this field,” Yushchenko said.

Summing up results of the talks, he remarked that Ukraine and Romania had discovered a “mechanism of diplomatic settlement of all controversial bilateral issues.”

In his turn, Mr. Basescu said the year 2005 was the time of consolidation and enhancement of Ukrainian-Romanian relations. He added that the countries would develop interstate cooperation and assured his counterpart that Romania would “definitely support” Ukraine’s integration into European structures. Then Basescu thanked our government for never suspending gas supplies to European countries during Ukrainian-Russian gas talks last month.


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